5 LinkedIn mistakes you might not realise you have made

I have noticed a few things on LinkedIn that are coming up time and time again that are wrong.  Now while so many people are still practising and learning it is less of a problem but it might be worth taking a look at this  list and putting things right now so that what  you do on LinkedIn  looks really professional when we all do  know what good practice looks like!

1 Putting a logo instead of a personal photograph

The worst thing you can do is to leave the default shady character that LinkedIn provides instead of a picture but some people put their business logo up instead of a head and shoulders shot.  In the LinkedIn User Agreement there are some dos and don’ts and this is what they say about the picture

[don’t] Upload a profile image that is not your likeness or a head-shot photo

You should put your business logo on your company page.

By the way, the user agreement also says you should not put anything other than your name in the “name” field ( no email address, phone number or any other description).

2 Have your tweets feed into your LinkedIn updates

You will want to link your Twitter account to LinkedIn in your profile because it is a good idea to point anyone who is interested in you to places where they will be able find out more about you. However when you do this LinkedIn offers the option of only feeding tweets to your LinkedIn updates when they include the hashtag #li or #in. LinkedIn aims at a different market/user group than Twitter. Let’s face it – if someone wants to follow your tweets they will probably be on Twitter already. LinkedIn members who don’t use Twitter will probably just get annoyed by the volume and choose to click the hide option on your updates thus missing your LinkedIn updates too. Go to your settings ( under your name – top right hand corner) find Manage Your Twitter Settings and make the change.

3 Include more personal information than is necessary

When you are setting up your LinkedIn account for the first time you will probably give some of your personal information without realising how that will appear on your profile.  There is space for your phone, address, IM, birthday and marital status. Apart from the phone number would anyone really need any of these to do business with you? Maybe it’s time to use the edit button to make the changes?

4 Giving LinkedIn only one email address

You have the option of having more than one email address registered with LinkedIn so that if you lose access to one of them – you change jobs or email provider –  you will still have a way for you to access our LinkedIn account if say you were what they call “locked out” eg you forgot your password. The address you choose as your primary emails in your settings will be the one to which LinkedIn messages and notifications will be sent.

5 Send invitations to connect to everyone in your email address book

This is tricky because often people have done it before they have much of an idea of how LinkedIn works or what they want to do with it.  In the early stages of your membership a box will appear on your home page – above your picture and the Share an Update box – which offers to search your email address book for people who are already members. That in itself might be a good idea but if you are not clear about what you are doing you may find that you have invited everyone suggested whether you want to connect with them or not. And all they get is an invitation saying that you are their friend” so if you have not been in touch for a while or were only ever in touch once they might have no idea who you are!  It is really much better build your network slowly and meaningfully.

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