5 for Friday: Workplace Culture Edition

This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest trends in workplace culture.

  • Why HR Can’t Innovate. BusinessWeek:“The worst part about effectively useless corporate recruiting is the notion that the best-qualified candidate for a job is the one willing to climb over the most piles of broken glass to get the job.”
  • 11 Top Perks From Best Companies. CNNMoney.com: “Loyal employees of this auto services company are rewarded on their 10th anniversary — and every five years after –with a weekend getaway at a resort in Boca Raton, Fla.”
  • How Marriott Held on to Staffers Through Tough Times. CNNMoney.com: “If we had been maniacally focused on delivering better financial results for one quarter in the second quarter of 2009, the simplest way to do that would have been to cut expenses like health care and post better results. And that may well have given us a few pennies’ higher stock price that quarter. But there would have been a real expense associated with that in terms of a less satisfied workforce, higher turnover, and therefore reduced financial results some time in 2011 and 2012, when we would have had to rehire the folks we had lost.”
  • Engagement Starts with Your Leaders. TrainingMag.com: “Let’s face it—it’s still tough out there. Most organizations today have weathered the worst economy since World War II, with recovery and growth slower than we all would like it to be. But you made it, and now you are dealing with the massive changes that have taken place and are working hard to ensure your organization stays on course for continued success.”
  • The Art of Anticipation. Passion on Purpose: “Anticipation creates a sense of urgency in employees and shifts people into a proactive state. When employees are looking for opportunities to deliver the extraordinary, customer experience improves.”

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