5 for Friday: Workplace Conflict Edition

No matter where or with whom you work, conflict among coworkers is bound to come up. Addressing the conflicts among employees can be one of the most challenging aspects of working in HR, but with the proper insights and tools, conflict management can be easier than you think.

This week’s 5 for Friday provides articles with insights into common workplace conflicts and strategies for potential solutions.

  • Supporting Healthy Conflict in The Workplace. Forbes: “I have gone on record saying that conflict in the workplace can be a healthy and positive thing for your company. It means you have a variety of personality types, each with their own way of approaching problems and solving them to ensure business success. It also means you have team members with vastly different ways of communicating, working within a team, dealing with pressure and even differences in perception of what is a problem and what isn’t.”
  • The 7 Types Of Power That Shape The Workplace. Business Insider: “Power comes in many different forms, and leaders need to learn how to handle each type. ‘Power tends to get to people’s heads,’ psychologist Nicole Lipkin tells Business Insider. ‘We’re not really trained to handle power well.’ Her analysis uses the five types of power introduced by psychologists John French and Bertram Raven in 1959, along with two types that were introduced later.”
  • Office Bullies Pick on Their Unattractive Co-Workers. Bloomberg: “While many people may believe that this type of behavior is confined to high school cafeterias, workplace bullying has come to light in recent years as a serious issue. ‘Counterproductive work behavior,’ as it’s otherwise known, is characterized by abuse, aggression, antisocial behavior, incivility, social undermining, and workplace deviance, according to Scott and Judge.”
  • Office Wars: How to Resolve Conflicts in the Boardroom. The Guardian: “In my experience many startups fail or under-perform for preventable reasons and one of the most common pitfalls is feuding between the co-founders. Every time I’m with a group of company co-founders this subject comes up and most of us have war stories. Startups are very stressful and will test the best of relationships. Often there will be arguments over who controls what, who gets paid what, and which risks should be taken.”
  • 9 Rules For Managing Conflict at Work [Infographic]. HRNewsDaily: “Knowing how to handle workplace conflict can mean the difference between a productive work environment and an unpleasant one. The following infographic from Abilene Christian University examines nine of the most essential steps every workplace leader can take to keep workplace conflict at bay….Conflict in the workplace can lead to project failure (10 percent of the time), as well as sickness or absence (25 percent of the time).”

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