5 for Friday: Veteran Hiring Edition

Unemployment rates in the veteran population are slightly higher than that of the non-veteran population. There are many reasons for this gap: frequent relocations, keyword software not matching up with a vet’s resume, or bias against hiring a veteran or military spouse. As we celebrate Memorial Day this weekend and remember our fallen veterans, let’s also consider ways to honor veterans, current soldiers, and their families who are still here.

  • The Simple Case for Hiring Veterans. Fox News: “Veterans can handle themselves in a myriad of environments. They are professional, and accustomed to working in a team setting. Vets have leadership capabilities that can effortlessly transfer over to the civilian workplace. But if this is all true, why does the unemployment rate for returning heroes hover around 30%?”
  • Health Centers Honoring Veterans…and Hiring Them. National Association of Community Health Centers: “Walter “Mickey” Presha, who is President and CEO of Manatee County Rural Health Services in Manatee, FL, is a retired Army colonel whose health center employs a host of veterans. He says, “Employers need to recognize that vets are disciplined, have a tremendous work ethic and are goal oriented. … [They] are trained to provide direction, prioritize missions and resources, anticipate change and motivate others to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.”
  • Tomorrow: Mil Spouses Job Fair. San Diego Union-Tribune: “[Military spouses] often sacrifice employment opportunities or career momentum to support a husband’s or wife’s military career, which demands frequent moves and long separations…Since its launch in March 2011, Hiring Our Heroes has helped more than 100,000 veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment, the [Chamber of Commerce] announced. More than 18,400 hires came from more than 500 job fairs nationwide like the one at Camp Pendleton.”
  • Hiring Veterans Isn’t Charity — It’s Smart Investing. Huffington Post: “During their military career, service members are tested repeatedly to ensure their intellectual, mental, and emotional strength. Military leadership understands that the consequences of failing to accurately assess, promote, and, when necessary, demote personnel can mean the difference between life and death. Just as a college degree means that an applicant has mastered her studies, an honorable discharge means that a veteran has been trained to perform complex, specialized work and has been tested in very demanding circumstances.”
  • First Lady Michelle Obama Announces New Hiring Commitments for Veterans and Military Spouses. The White House Blog: “[Chryssy] Johnson…is an Army wife and mother. Her family moved around frequently because of her husband’s service, making it hard to keep a job. But USAA gave her an opportunity, and she is now senior financial foundations specialist pursuing her MBA. With the Iraq war over and the war in Afghanistan drawing to a close, more than one million service members are projected to leave the military in the next several years and transition to civilian life. Good civilian jobs not only help our veterans and military spouses manage this transition smoothly, but also demonstrate that our nation truly honors their service.”

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