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5 for Friday: Recruiting Trends Edition

It can be hard to tell what’s a trend and what’s a fad. This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up some of the hottest recruiting trends.

Recruit Me Like You Mean It! Fistful of Talent:  “I’m waiting for one company to turn recruitment upside down. I’m waiting for one company to decide, we are going to go after talent like Nick Saban goes after talent at Alabama. We are going after talent to win – not a national championship, but to win our industry – to be the best, to develop the best, to crush our competition. Can you imagine what that might look like?”

Using Video Staffing Solutions to Recruit More Effectively. The Recruiting Division:  “Career postings that include a YouTube video result in 34 percent more applications completed by candidates on average.  YouTube videos appear in the top 70 percent of all search engine results due to their rich content status and views.”

An Inside View of How We Recruit (Without Recruiters). You’re the Boss, a NY Times Blog: “I continue to believe in the definition of a chief executive’s job as defined by Fred Wilson on his blog: “A C.E.O. does only three things: sets the overall vision and strategy of the company and communicates it to all stakeholders; recruits, hires and retains the very best talent for the company; makes sure there is always enough cash in the bank.”

5 Healthcare Recruiting Trends for 2013. Healthcare Informatics: “The healthcare workforce is increasingly expecting communications to be delivered through their mobile phones and devices. As such, mobile recruiting presents a tremendous opportunity for employers to engage and stay connected with the next generation of talent.”

INFOGRAPHIC: The Age of Social Recruiting. “Glassdoor recently polled users to learn more about the role of social media in the recruiting and retention process. The survey also looks at why employees leave a job and what perks are most attractive to candidates.”




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This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest trends in recruiting trends.

  • CFO Corner: What the Heck is Realizable Pay (and why you need to know…now). “Take the time to get familiar with this new addition to the essential ingredients of Executive (and other) Compensation. If you’re in the S&P 500 you probably have about a week before your CEO calls you in to discuss this topic. If you are not in the S&P 500 you probably have three weeks before people start asking. “
  • HR Can Succeed By Doing Less. “Great HR isn’t about doing more – it’s about doing the least amount possible to deliver the services that are needed for your organization to have great people.”

Link to original postOriginally published on MonsterThinking


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