5 for Friday: Productivity Edition

This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest trends in boosting worker productivity.

5. Hurricane Sandy Shows It’s Time to Embrace Workplace Flexibility. Time: “Beyond boosting creativity and refreshing workers’ energy, flexible work environments foster an atmosphere in which it’s assumed work can be accomplished at just about any time, almost anywhere. The events of the past week underscore the benefits of this way of working,” Peter Bacevice writes.

4.Superhuman Workforce Has Experts Concerned Huffington Post: “Academics from Britain’s leading institutions say attention needs to be focused on the consequences of technology which may one day allow — or compel — humans to work better, longer and harder. Here’s their list of upgrades that might make their way to campuses and cubicles in the next decade.”

3. The Case for Taking a Real Lunch Break Fortune: “Letting employees recharge at midday is a tremendous competitive advantage,” says Tony Schwartz, head of productivity consulting firm The Energy Project. “Look at Google. Everyone goes to lunch there. The food is great, and it’s free. And people are having terrific conversations in the dining room.

2. The Future of Work Passion on Purpose blog: “Employees need to buy into a clearly communicated vision for the future and strategy for execution,” writes Ryan Estis. “More effective communication from the top drives alignment, minimizes confusion, mitigates apathy and elevates confidence.”

1. Stop Driving Your Employees Nuts SmartBlog on Leadership: “As a leader, what may matter more than what you do is what you un-do,” writes Julie Winkle Giulioni. “Make it a priority to address the five factors that make employees nuts. Help remove those sharp stones from their shoes. You’ll see remarkable results.”

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