5 for Friday: Keeping Employees Happy Edition

5 for Friday: Keeping Employees Happy EditionEmployee productivity and employee happiness go hand-in-hand. It’s no secret that a happy employee is a better worker, and for that matter, a better coworker. So how can you keep your employees happy and buzzing like bees?

This week’s 5 for Friday provides articles with tips and advice on keeping employees happy. Here’s to happy working!

  • 4 Critical Methods For Keeping Employees Happy. The Resumator: “Keeping employees happy may not immediately strike you as your most important duty as a leader… but it is. You lead it, direct it and envision its bright future. Your business will be your coffin though, if you don’t realize that your success lies with your employees. Yea, you pay them and maybe you think that should be enough. Maybe you think a few perks and benefits show how much you care. They show up to work, you make sure they get paid on time. That’s true…but that’s all. If you want the best talent around, you’ll have to fight for it. That means providing certain things that employees will truly value (and it’s not just a parking spot and a paycheck anymore).”
  • 10 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover. The Huffington Post: “Don’t waste their time. You’re the one paying them, so it’s not a problem if they have to cool their heels a little, right? Wrong. People want to believe they’re doing something meaningful and making a difference, regardless of whether you’re curing AIDS in Africa or making widgets. Something as small as habitually keeping employees waiting while you finish up phone calls — or as large as regular meetings that no one knows the purpose of — can pummel employee morale and send the message that their time doesn’t really matter.”
  • Want to Motivate Your Employees? Tell Them Why Their Work Matters. The Globe and Mail: “More thoughtful owners realize the need to invest time in explaining how the work needs to be done. This might seem obvious when you read it here in black and white, but believe me, it’s not. I often run into owners and managers who complain about the quality of work or consistency of their staff. I ask them, ‘Did you tell them you needed this done daily/in excel/faster/by 4pm/with a summary/…?’ No. They did not. What seems like the right way to do something may just be your personal preference or a best practice you picked up along the way, but was never shared or explained or mandated.”
  • Making Awesome People Happy at Work (and Stopping Them From Quitting). The Next Web: “You can literally Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy. I’d have to agree – when CEOs and managers can put their egos aside and focus on making the actual workers happier, they’ll be richer too. The challenge? Well, because every company, and every individual, is different, there’s no steadfast rulebook for making employees happy and engaged. It’s interpretive at best, and most companies will have to reflect on their own internal processes and workflow to determine how to make the company a more enjoyable place to work.”
  • 7 Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy (And Working Really Hard). Forbes: “You’ve got to get employees to feel that they own the place, not just work there. One way to inspire that feeling is to have each member of a team become familiar with what other team members are doing, allowing them to bring their ideas for improvement to the table and have input in the whole process. If the roles are not too specialized, have your people rotate responsibilities from time to time.”

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