5 for Friday: Improving Workplace Performance Edition

This week’s 5 for Friday focuses on articles about improving workplace performance.

  • The Quiet Strength Of Introverts In The Workplace. NPR: “Well, we all expect those people who are the brash, larger-than-life people to be the big success stories, because that’s what we’re told we’re supposed to do. I mean, if you want to get a job, you’re supposed to go in there and sell yourself and be the best thing they’ve ever seen or heard from. And yet, what this research shows is that as time goes on, it’s the introverts who really perform better.”
  • Career Advice: Give. The Atlantic: “Across four other studies, researchers found that giving time away — in the form of volunteering — makes people feel like they actually have more time than if they spent time on themselves, wasted time, or got a random bit of free time.”
  • 6 Ways to Build a More Positive Workplace. US News & World Report: “Research in the area of positive psychology has revealed the inherent power of a positive mind set has far-reaching potential to enhance not only psychological well-being, but the achievement of valued performance outcomes.”

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