5 for Friday: Improving Company Culture Edition

Think your job is the greatest in the word? You’re probably right. Think it’s the worst in the world? You’re probably right, too. Often the way people feel about their jobs has more to do with their mindset than about the office environment itself. Whether you need an attitude adjustment or your company really does need a culture shift, here are five articles that should prove useful.

  • 6 Traits of the best Workplace on Earth. SmartPlanet: “When it comes to examples of workplace utopia, what comes to mind for many people is Google. The perks (free food, volleyball), the free-thinking, self-directed, yet intense, university campus-like atmosphere of the Googleplex is even featured in a soon-to-be-released film called The Internship. But Google isn’t all fun, games and learning — it is an extremely, fiercely competitive place.”
  • Depressed Workers and Powerball. The Cynical Girl: “You don’t need a young CEO and a ping-pong table to determine whether or not your company is a ‘best place to work’. You know if the job is worth keeping.”
  • Fifth Third Bank Named Recipient of the 2013 Gallup Great Workplace Award. Tampa Bay Newswire: “Employee engagement is a strategic priority for Fifth Third Bank,” said Kevin T. Kabat, vice chairman and CEO of Fifth Third Bancorp. “We are committed to employee engagement because we know that delivering financial services through an engaged workforce and an inclusive culture increases the level of confidence our customers place in us and differentiates us from our competitors.” Kabat added, “It also enhances opportunities for employees to share their voices, get involved, develop and grow.”
  • Looking Forward: Restoring Workplace Optimism. Talent Culture: “It’s time managers take matters into their own hands and bring optimism to the work environment that influences their teams’ performance. But what is workplace optimism? Is it happiness? Is it viewing the world through the proverbial rose-tinted glasses? I suppose for some it could be. However, that is not what I’m advocating. Workplace optimism is a dimension of a company or team culture.”
  • 3 Quick Rules: Be In, Be Real and Be Bold. The New York Times: “I think any great culture is born out of transparent, authentic communication. You almost can’t overcommunicate. You can try, and you might think, “Oh, do I really have to say this again?” And the answer is yes. One thing I started doing was to send out every Sunday night an e-mail to the whole company. The e-mails aren’t particularly structured, and they might be on all kinds of topics, like what’s really going on with our monthly results.”

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