5 for Friday: Flexible Work Edition

This week marked the first evflextime work arrangementser National Flex Day, a holiday geared toward promoting flexible work schedules for employees. But with large organizations such as HP and Yahoo turning away from flexible work arrangements, could it be that flextime is proving not to be as effective or productive as previously thought?

This week’s 5 for Friday brings you articles with information about flexible work arrangements.

  • How to Protect Corporate Culture in a Telecommuting World. Entrepreneur: “Most leaders know that cohesion and a focus on culture is vital to creating and sustaining a winning business. Teams operate best when they know each other, even personal details like how someone wants his coffee or what makes someone roll her eyes. If you think that teamwork and in-person collaboration is important to your culture, work-from-home policies aren’t right for you. At the same time, companies can build by having everyone telecommute.”
  • Is Your Work At Home Policy Spurring Jealousy? Small Business Trends: “Set a work at home policy. You should write a work at home policy as part of your employee manual. Every employee should read and acknowledge it. The work at home policy should cover issues such as hours to be worked per day or week, how the person will protect the business’s confidential information, liability issues, what equipment will be provided and how the employee will be monitored when working at home.”
  • The 4 Reasons The Office Isn’t Going Away. Forbes: “You really, really want to be around other people. You’re a social animal. Technology won’t change that. When you’re alone, you end up wasting most of your time on Facebook, or running off to do some shopping, or meeting friends for coffee, because of your congenital need to be around other people. We’re creatures wired for community. As long as work is a society’s primary means of identity, we’ll want to physically congregate around our work community–otherwise, we’ll feel left out.”
  • Flex Jobs Pay Off for Most Employers. Business News Daily: “A study by human resources association WorldatWork revealed that despite a slight drop in the number of employers offering it, workplace flexibility is having a positive effect on keeping employees focused, motivated and happy. Specifically, 64 percent of respondents said flexibility has improved employee engagement, while 65 percent think it has boosted employee motivation. In addition, nearly three-quarters of those that offer flexibility programs believe it has helped improve employee satisfaction.”
  • Helping Managers and Employees Address Equity in a Flexible Working Environment. Huffington Post: “Many organizations offer flexible work arrangements to their employees as a perk or benefit to support employee work-life and reduce stress levels, but there seems to be a trend taking place with more companies incorporating flexibility into their business strategy today as a means to attract and retain a diverse and talented workforce. When managers are provided with the tools to help them understand more about the strategic use of flexibility and have a greater understanding of best practices, the frustration they feel over equity dissipates.”

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