5 for Friday: Flex Work Edition

To work from home or not work from home? That is THE question on everyone’s minds since Yahoo! and Best Buy made their announcements to end the practice. This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about  flex work for different perspectives.

  • Why Marissa’s Right.  Forbes: “She’s making a brave decision. In today’s tech world you’re supposed to be all about mobile, remote and outsourcing. Those are the big trends. That’s what everyone’s talking about. But too much technology causes us to ignore people-time. It puts up walls. It pigeon-holes us in home offices and hotel rooms. And that’s where ideas die.”
  • Why Banning Telecommuters Is A Sign Your Company Is Screwed. Readwrite enterprise: “If your company starts to make noises about banning telecommuting, you can be completely confident that it’s not about telecommuting at all. You can also be confident that your company has some serious cultural and productivity problems that it feels powerless to fix without drastic action.”
  • Why Five Days in the Office Is Too Many. Economic Times: “The idea that everyone must be in the office five days a week harks back to a time when workers didn’t have the proper tools to work from home. But we live in a very different world today. Given that technology has made employees accessible around the clock, and that they are often expected to work after hours, the traditional 40-hour schedule is in many ways an anachronism.”
  • Some Home Truths About Working Away From the Office. The Guardian: “[K]nowledge work is substantially ‘where you are.’ Employers now widely use the notion of work as an activity and not a place to serve their objectives: promoting business at client sites and events; contracting real estate with fewer people in the office; as a productivity lever – getting more done with less time on travel. Less travel is also a win for the corporate social responsibility agenda.”

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