5 for Friday: Employee Advocate Edition

5 for Friday: Employee Advocate EditionWhen it comes to harnessing the power of social media, it’s no longer just a marketing game. HR professionals are realizing the potential of sharing content through blogs, podcasts and social media to build an engaged workforce, recruit top talent and get feedback from employees. The benefits of social media for HR are far-reaching, but they all come down to one thing: getting employees to participant.

This week’s 5 for Friday brings you articles with information about encouraging and managing employee advocates.

  • Is the Social Media Manager Really Dead? (And Why You Need Employee Advocates). Business2Community: “Social media is no longer solely a function of the marketing department. This isn’t to say marketing no longer ‘owns’ social as a form of corporate communications – that still holds true. But, these findings show that social is becoming increasingly important for employees in all departments. Companies are realizing that by powering employees to participate, listen, and engage in social media, they can reach more people, increase engagement, and deepen relationships with customers in social channels.”
  • 3 Reasons Why HR Should Encourage Staff Blogging. Search Engine Journal: “Turning to your employees to participate in marketing campaigns with staff blogging results in many benefits that go straight to the heart of any HR department’s mission. Staff blogging helps boost employee engagement, foster employee development, and aid external recruitment. Employees can be further engaged by implementing competitive incentives in a staff blogging campaign. Make it fun to contribute content ideas and information by recognizing individuals who delivered content that resulted in highly trafficked blog posts.”
  • Would Your Company Benefit from Employee Advocates? Jason Seiden: “What does your organization spend on employee engagement surveys every year, 80k? 120k? more? Imagine being able to approximate the results of an employee engagement survey, using an analysis of employees’ LinkedIn profiles. imagine being able to know immediately what company messages are really resonating with employees, what materials are effective at enabling sales, which managers are driving company loyalty, and which managers are building fiefdoms. imagine being able to adjust internal communication practices in real-time based on hard data rather than a gut feeling.”
  • Employees as Brand Advocates: IBM’s Ethan McCarty Talks to Marketing Smarts [Podcast]. MarketingProfs: “I invited Ethan to Marketing Smarts to talk about IBM Voices, the company’s social aggregator platform, which showcases the collective smarts of IBMers throughout the organization. We talked about why empowering employees to engage in social media benefits a business, how to keep the brand voice consistent, and how to pick the right people to represent your company in the social space.”
  • Brand Advocates: Take Care of Them and They’ll Take Care of Your Brand. iMedia Connection: “Brand advocates in the social and mobile age hold an even greater ability to spread the word about a brand—both positive and negative—than ever before.   And these brand advocates have the power, if activated and solicited to perform social actions on a brand’s behalf, to create an alternate sales and marketing channel that generates high quality leads and new customer acquisition. Every company has a set of these social relationships composed of different groups, from employees, 3rd party influencers and customers to prospects and other audience subsets. And each of these alliances has some type of affiliation with that company’s brand.”

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