5 Blog Posts That Add Up to 94,967 Views

On a regular basis I check google analytics to see what my viewers are paying the most attention to. Sometimes it helps me to plan further posts, but I find it difficult to clarify just why my readers are interested in certain posts. As a long-time executive coach, I have my own views on what are usually the most helpful for business success. Several of the following posts just wouldn’t survive the first cut. So if you’ve got some ideas why these top five posts are really intriguing, I’d like to hear from you. To make it easier for you, I’ve linked each to the original posting on my blog site.

Here are the five posts, including a sentence or two of description on each of them. Note, I’m also including the exact numbers of views, as of Sunday, April 23. These have also been on three other sites, so the total figure for the five may well be in excess of 125,000 views. 

What patterns do you see in these postings?

Can you really change your personality? (43,663 views.) Our personalities can grow and change over time. Though it’s a slow process, the skills of deliberate practice are among a number of ways to change. (This is more than double the 2nd highest so it’s obviously significant.)

Listening with minimal encouragers. (18,825 views.) This easy-to-omit listening skill is one of the most effective conversational tools. It’s always appreciated.

7 behaviors that keep women from getting ahead. (18,642 views.) This one post has gotten a mix of more negative and positive comments than anything I’ve ever written.

14 intelligent behaviors. (7,042 views.) This is a taxonomy of the necessary competencies for becoming a successful business person–or a supreme court justice.

How to be brilliant. (6,795 views.) The title is obviously tongue-in-cheek, but the blog makes the relevant point that intelligence is largely about self-discipline, not giftedness. I decided that this was a big, very important truth, years ago, long before the research proved the accuracy of my conclusion.

It strikes me that all the posts are person-centered. I’m also curious about which one is most valuable to you. But what else do you see in them? My profound thanks for your comments.



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