5 Benefits of Hiring A Security Guard

security_guard1) You won’t always be there
A security guard can be specifically hired to work the graveyard shift so that you or your other employees do not have to. These security guards are employed to stay alert and protect your business while you are asleep and this can provide you with valuable peace of mind. Your security guards can relay back reports of anything that may have happened during the night too.

2) Cameras don’t allow for instant action
A security guard is mobile and can check out minor disturbances. They can be contracted to patrol the perimeter and they can check the back door for damages and can call the cops if his/her presence is not enough. A camera cannot move, get involved, or call the cops if it notices suspicious activity. These guards can alleviate a situation before it escalates and they can also chase and catch thieves.

3) Deters crime
The mere presence of a security guard deters thieves and more extreme criminals such as armed robbers. This is because criminals may assume that the security guard is not only trained to act but may also be armed. Security guards are also an extra pair of eyes in your business and are more likely to notice suspicious behavior than your average employee.

4) Deters disturbances and solicitors
The presence of a security guard also avoids arguments. How many times have you heard the threat of “I will call security” and that sentence is enough to deter any further requests from an angry customer? The customer is often even more appeased when a security guard shows up.

There are also other disturbances like public arguments between couples or families which can scare off other customers. A security guard’s presence can lower the frequency and intensity of such debates in your business. They can also be the store’s liaison if an actual physical fight were to break out.

5)Other duties
A security guard can do more than just be a security guard–they can also operate in other capacities such as customer services, parking services, and escort services. A security guard stationed at the entrance of your business can not only be used to establish their presence but can also be used to greet customers. Security guards can also make sure that all the cars parked in the parking lot are there for your business and not illegally parked and, after hours, security guards can be used if one feels unsafe walking back to their car.

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