5 Behavioral Values Expected of People & Leaders

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People on teams are powerful at creating self-sanctioning actions for maladaptive behaviors. High Functioning Teams and the people in these teams have general shared values which lead to a commitment to great work and achievement.

The Managerial Leader must play a requisite role in developing solution steps for continued positive behaviors and must also properly handle maladaptive behaviors in the same manner as dealing with under-performance with a task assignment.  

Here are 5 behavioral values that people on High Functioning Teams illustrate;

  • Integrity: to behave honestly.
  • Commitment: to express one’s full potential capability and energy in work.
  • Reliability: to be counted upon consistently to do what is expected or required.
  • Initiative: to originate new ideas or methods without being asked.
  • Co-operativeness: to work together with others for the common purpose.

I argue that these are psychological imperatives that all people need in order to do their best work and flourish within organizations.

How are you embodying each of the 5 behavioral values above? How about your manager?


Could your team and leadership benefit from knowing & sharing behavioral values that increase great work, retention of talent, and production? Does your management or you have a process for coaching underperformers into performers? Contact us…to make you team and leaders better!


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