40 more or less fun stuff to do at work!

  1. Praise one of your co-workers each day.
  2. Bring candy, fruit or food to work on Thursday to share.
  3. Say hello to at least two strangers at work.
  4. Bring a deck of cards to use during breaks.
  5. Smile.
  6. Make a to-do list on Monday.
  7. Go to work 30 minutes earlier on Wednesday to chat with the other early birds.
  8. Write a thank you note to someone who deserves it.
  9. Figure out one thing you can improve.
  10. Wear blue clothes on Friday.
  11. Take a meeting or a lunch outside the office.
  12. Not allowed to wear shoes day.
  13. Use a cucumber as a pointing device during meetings.
  14. Have a breakfast meeting before work.
  15. Go out and have a beer on Friday evening.
  16. Make an internal marketing plan to increase consumption from the water cooler.
  17. Bring a favorite poster to work and pin it on the wall. Cool if everybody does this on the same day.
  18. Wear a funny tie or some other fun garment.  
  19. Radio Controlled Car Racing.
  20. MS Paint drawing competition.
  21. Play Chess.
  22. Have a Card Game Competition. An easy one suitable for kids.
  23. Use rope or a stick across the path of the doorway. Limbo entrance.
  24. Punk Rock day at work… use your imagination and crank up the volume.
  25. Bring your favorite book to work day.
  26. Make a puppet theater.
  27. Knowledge day, focus on one particular topic and share what you know.
  28. Create a must hug zone, if two people are within the zone they must hug.
  29. Not allowed to walk on this carpet, must dance on it.
  30. Halloween or any other seasonal celebration.
  31. If you have a river or a stream nearby, paper boat racing.
  32. If you do not have a river nearby, paper plane competition.
  33. Invite people from other departments over for a cup of coffee.
  34. Great everybody that walks into your department with a handshake and a smile, fun if you can make everybody do this. Even more fun for large departments.
  35. Applaud zone. Every time someone steps into a circle on the floor everybody must give a good round of applause. – Could be called, boost my self esteem zone.
  36. Charity day – Do a fundraiser for a good cause.
  37. Water gun fight.
  38. Fill 200 balloons and spread them around the office, or fill one small office or cubicle with balloons.
  39. 15 things you don’t know about me – share with all co-workers.
  40. Celebrate a birthday for someone nonexistent. Like “John 35 years”. Whenever someone asks, pretend not to be sure who it is. (Just an excuse for more cake)
  41. (Pssst! Do your job first!)

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