4 Ways to Stop Always Being Late

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Guest Post

“Hurry! Hurry!”

“There is not enough time to do that now!”

“You are going to be late!” “Don’t forget . . .”

Do these phrases sound familiar to you?

Are you the one that is usually speaking (yelling) them? As a mother, I have a hard time getting my kids ready in the morning.

I have four little ones, they range from pre-K to 10th grade. Not to mention my husband, who can count as a kid as well. Getting them out the door and ready for school before 8 am is truly a feat.

There is always one child that is crying about losing something. There is always a fight in the morning. And at least one meltdown.

Sometimes it is my own, other times it’s my kids. However, over the years I have been getting better at getting them ready.

If you are having a hard time getting your kids out of the door, here are some tips for you:

1) Get it ready the night before

 This is something that can really help your children. If they get their things ready the night before, it saves a lot of trouble the next morning. I have even had my children lay out their outfits for the next day. The extra 10-15 minutes that children take the night before saves everyone about a half hour

 2) Assign a task to a child

 This is a great tip, especially for younger children. You can assignn small tasks that younger children can do. For example, one can take out the trash, while another sets the table for breakfast. It can also help you with getting everything ready for the day. It will also help your children feel responsible.

3) Put Your Clocks Ahead

Yes, you read that right. You should put your clocks 5-10 minutes ahead. This will help you and your family stay ahead of the game. It will motivate you to work faster, and able to enjoy the free time that you have when you realize that you are 5-10 minutes ahead.

4) Tell Your Child What is Expected of Them

Sitting down with your children and explicitly telling them what they need to do for the day really helps younger children. They get motivated because they know exactly what they need to do. This, combined with assigning your child a task, can really help children stay on task.

With these four tips, you will be able to get your family out the door quickly. You will also have peace at mind, you won’t be yelling at your kids to get things done. So say goodbye to you waking up late and frantically getting your kids ready. You won’t have to rush your kids through their breakfast, your kids won’t be stressed out, and everyone will be happy. You will be able to wave your kids goodbye and with a smile on your face.

This is a guest post by Neltje Maynez. Neltje is a free-lance writer for MyCollegesandCareers.com. My Colleges and Careers is a great resource for individuals to find the best online colleges.

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