4 Ways to Do Smart Content Recycling on Social Media

Are there times when you don’t have any news to promote on social media?

If so, you should consider looking to your old content, provided that it isn’t outdated or obsolete. Creating quality content is expensive and difficult, while re-promoting it on social media is cheap and, for the most part, easy.

And you may be pleasantly surprised at the results you get when you publicize recycled content on your social channels. For even if you heavily promoted that content on social media initially, many people were unlikely to have seen it, such as those who:

  • weren’t following you then but are following you now
  • were on vacation or leave during the original promotion
  • just didn’t happen to be checking their social media accounts frequently at the time

Plus, maybe you’ve gotten better at using social media in the meantime, including:

The end result is you can get your previously published content in front of many more eyes by re-promoting in on social media.

The hard part about the process is picking the content. You can just wing it, but you’ll be more successful if you use an analytical approach. Here are four ways to do so:

1. Do a content audit/inventory. 
By performing an audit, you will know all the content (white papers, articles, blog posts, infographics, videos, etc.) that you could promote. Unless you are doing a website redesign, you probably just need to do a basic audit to see what types of content you have on what topics, and whether that content is current or not. This will give you a menu of possibilities for social media re-promotion, and also—since you’ll probably see some redundancy or holes in your content menu—could generate some ideas for creating new content or updating existing content.

2. Study your website and blog analytics.
By looking at your website and blog traffic statistics, you can see which content continues to be popular. This is the content you most want to re-promote, since it is still resonating.

3. See which topics people search on to find your website.
View the topic searches people use that led them to your site, then check to see past content you have published on those topics. This content should also be re-promoted. If you don’t have content on those topics, start creating some!

4. Consider trending/popular topics.
If you have content related to a trending or popular topic, do your social media re-promotion of it while the topic is hot. Consider changing the title of your recycled content to piggyback on the hot topic, and certainly use popular hashtags associated with the sharing of news on that topic.

Try a few of these out—especially if your company is steadily increasing its social media followers and creates quality content your audience wants to read. They might become a regular part of your content promotion strategies on social media.

Post written by HRmarketer / SocialEars HR team member Eric Anderson.

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