4 Truths about Company Culture from BlessingWhite

Recognize This! – Culture is not optional, so it’s best to learn how to manage it to your advantage.

Tomorrow I’m wrapping up my workshop series on how to “Build Your Winning Culture of Recognition,” so I’ve been steeping myself in news on research on the topic lately. In October, BlessingWhite published an article on organizational culture in which they defined culture as:

“The sum of an organization’s behaviors and practices. It reveals itself in big and small decisions as well as daily practices (“how we do things around here”) that tend to perpetuate themselves.”

Every company has a culture. The crux of the issue lies in asking, “What are you going to do about it?”

You do not have to passively accept the culture you have today as the one that you must have forever in the life of your organization. Cultures can be proactively managed. In fact, my CEO Eric Mosley and I wrote the instruction guide on how to proactively create and manage a culture designed to increase employee engagement, performance and productivity – Winning with a Culture of Recognition.

BlessingWhite has validated the importance of taking this strategic approach to organization culture, concluding the article with these four truths (quoting):

So, if you are a senior executive and still have reservations about investing time on your organization’s culture, remember:

  1. Culture is not optional — and letting your culture evolve organically will work against you.
  2. Defining culture is the important first step — you do not need a “culture initiative” per se.
  3. Leadership development and all employee-engagement initiatives are opportunities to reinforce and build the culture.
  4. Executives ultimately have to hold themselves and others accountable for steering the culture.

Do you manage your culture? If you could change any aspect of your company culture, what would you change?

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