4 Stages to developing role specific interview techniques that will help you hire better talent

Interview Techniques

The value of quality employees to a business is clear.  In a 2012 study from Aberdeen Group, 61% of HR executives identified talent acquisition as their top priority. How can companies standardize their hiring process and implement interview techniques and best practices for all of their different job roles?

Developing interview questions based on the job role

Implementing uniform hiring process with role specific interview techniques will encourage compliance across the organization. It will also ensure questions asked in the interview are based on the job being filled and not irrelevant criteria.

Four important stages in the process

1. Defining what makes someone successful in the role

Many companies go wrong by creating interview questions that are not connected to job performance. Instead spend the time understanding what factors make up competency in the role. What factors of “Did-Do, Can-Do, Will-Do” are important for the role?

2. Developing interview questions based on a profile of successful employee traits

Once you’ve identified what success looks like, you need to start developing questions that your hiring managers can use in the interview process to help them identify these success traits in the candidates.

3. Capturing interview data and results throughout the interview process

It’s important to track results over time to help identify where improvements are needed to the interview techniques and interview guide.  It’s also important to discover which of your hiring managers could use some help improving their interview skills and ability to identify quality candidates.

4. Validating that the established interview criteria continues predicts job success or failure

Finally, once the candidates are hired, track their success. Go back and validate the interview process and its abilities to identify top candidates. Take an approach of seeking continual improvements. Measure and learn throughout.

Spending the time to develop standardized interview techniques that are role specific will help your organization identify and hire great fit employees.



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