4 Keys for Full Engagement Up to the Age of 110

Stay engaged for a long long time…

Curt Rosgren’s post on Life lessons from super-centenarians had some short and powerful lessons for all us. I believe we can bring these to our daily employee engagement and life engagement.

Here are the 4 keys from people still alive and lively at 110 years of age:

  1. Live on purpose. Super-centenarians share a philosophy of the importance of being actively involved with life in a way that defines their purpose in still being on the planet.
  2. Laugh often. Super-centenarians share a central core value of the importance that humor and laughter play in their perspective on life.
  3. Go with the flow. Super-centenarians have a unique ability to flow with life in a way that is outside of the cultural tendency to clock off time in a linear fashion.
  4. Youth is a state of mind. Super-centenarians almost seem to live life in an “ageless perspective” of themselves. This detachment from a linear lifespan orientation may impact the strength and flow of their energy field in a desirable way that influences their longevity.

Engage along with me, the best is yet to be. The first of work, for which the last is made. Remember:  purpose, laugh, flow, and energize.

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