3/19 Webinar: The Crowdsourced Performance Review

Next Tuesday, March 19, at 2:00pm (Eastern), I’ll be co-hosting a webinar for Talent Management Magazine, called The Crowdsourced Performance Review.

Crowdsourcing is a terrific way to revitalize the very stale performance review process and make it more relevant to your talent management and your culture.

In this webinar, I’ll team up with my colleague Jen Sartor to debunk some of the myths surrounding the traditional review process, and we’ll talk about how crowdsourcing can help you build a smarter performance management system that:

  • Injects new life into the troubled performance review
  • Provides real-time insight into your talent
  • Realigns performance management with top level business objectives

I hope you can join us as we explore this fascinating topic on March 19th at 2:00pm ET.

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