3 Ways to Use Mobile Devices in Workplace Learning

Mobile learning is certainly a hot discussion topic with elearning
and training solutions providers in Australia – like anywhere else in
the world. In my meetings with clients and prospects in Sydney,
Brisbane, and Melbourne over that last couple of weeks, it is clear that
the interest in mobile learning is very strong. Yet, the most common
question is – how do we actually use it in workplace?

I’m of the opinion that there are 3 primary types of usage for mobile devices in the context of learning.

1. Used as a Part of the Blend
Mobile devices are perfect to add to a blend in your training program. Regardless of whether it’s a pre-class micro-course
(5 -10 min) or a post class follow-up in the form of summaries,
scenarios that help learner apply some of what they learnt; quizzes (you
can even track scores if you wish), mobile devices work perfectly well.
You could create native or web apps
or simply deliver them through an LMS that’s mobile compatible. To make
it even simpler and easy to access the links can be sent over sms.
We’re well aware that learners probably don’t retain much 2-3 days
after the training program – especially in the absence of an opportunity
to apply what they have learnt right away. Mobile device based
follow-up could increase retention and aid application of knowledge and

2. Device to Access Information
As adults learning happens most often when we are stuck with a problem
or have made a mistake. So it’s not surprising that our mind is most
receptive to new information & willing to learn in those moments. Mobiles are excellent devices to help retrieve information like ‘how to’ manuals or videos, or simply search for answers on Google or the company’s intranet which in itself is fast turning into a social environment.
I believe this has great potential and needs to be exploited by
organizations by creating ecosystems that let their staff learn from
each other – by providing the ability to access information in moments
of need.

3. Performance Support Agents
The link between training and performance is long winded and most often
than not unclear. Many an attempt at proving the ROI of training
programs have been misplaced financial calculations at best, as they
don’t really take into account the real impact a training program makes
in contributing to business performance.  Most business leaders
understand this fact. We believe performance support mobile applications
are a great tool to have on your employees’ phones. This could range
from simple assistance with calculators or complex procedural
information that helps makes decisions, all using smart-phone
applications. The link between performance support aids and the
performance itself is very often direct and the results are immediate.

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