3 Tips for Trainers and Exceptional Online Training

online-trainingThere is a common misconception about eLearning. Sometimes trainers believe online learning is easier than classroom education because they have access to so many tools.

While eLearning platforms bring new outlets for curriculum distribution and group discussions, making the most of these systems requires completely unique education techniques.

In order to deliver excellent training courses online, trainers need to know the tools, use them effectively and replenish content often. By accomplishing these tasks, eLearning can be the easiest approach to training. Better yet, it can be the most effective approach to distributing materials and encouraging knowledge retention.

This blog post guides trainers with three ways they can conduct exceptional training online.

Know the Tools

Before recent advancements in technology, engaging students was one of the greatest challenges of online learning. Now, people find socializing online, sharing pictures and articles, and participating in polls to be second nature. Thanks to the popularity of social networking, online learning communities are flourishing. When a trainer makes the most of social learning tools, he or she can create an exciting education center online.

Use Tools Effectively

Social learning tools may include video conferencing integration, realtime chats, surveys, live feeds and more that are designated per user group or community. By understanding how to operate these tools, it is possible to disperse eLearning content through a variety of channels. However, at start, it is important to practice with these tools. Nobody likes to fight with technology – especially in front of a patient audience. Be sure to know exactly how these tools work before using them for training purposes. Practice makes perfect.

Replenish Content Often

Online learning is known to boost knowledge retention by 25 – 60 percent. As learners are able to absorb more information, it is important for the trainer to keep students engaged by consistently publishing fresh content. Also, because new content is uploaded to the Internet every second of every day, it is important that all material is up to date.

An easy to use eLearning platform makes it simple to replenish content, access learning tools and use them effectively. Social learning management systems (LMSs) are the best solutions for trainers who want to engage and educate audiences. TOPYX® is a social LMS that boasts a long list of in-demand social learning tools. In addition the remotely hosted cloud based LMS makes it simple for trainers to upload content at any time from any place. Understand what TOPYX can do for training by request a free LMS demo today.

The learning process is involved. Even when using a learning management system, there is much that needs to be considered. However, when a trainer knows the tools, uses them effectively and updates content often, he or she can create a learning program that is engaging while providing education that is easy to retain.

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
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