3 Serenity Prayers for Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement: When You Don’t Have a Prayer

For Leaders

God grant me the courage to accept a poor quarter, tenacity to always do what’s right; and wisdom to know I am an employee too.

For Managers

God grant me the insight to accept employees I cannot change, moxie to manage star performers; and wisdom to know the difference.

For Employees

God grant me gumption to express myself through my work, teflon to not get snagged by negativity, and wisdom to have my work energize  me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

David Zinger, M.Ed., is an employee engagement writer, educator, speaker, coach, and consultant. David founded and moderates the 2380 member Employee Engagement Network. His website offers 1000 posts/articles relating to employee engagement and reached over 1,000,000 page views in under 4 months in 2010. David is involved in the application of Enterprise 2.0 approaches to engagement and the precursor, creating engaging approaches to communication, collaboration, and community within Enterprise 2.0.

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