3 Secrets to Exploit Your Hidden Assets

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Ever get the feeling that you have much more to offer, but can’t quite communicate this to people?

Inspired by a conference session last week, it occurred to me that
many people I know – and some of you are regular visitors here – have
hidden assets that they are not exploiting fully, especially online.

These hidden assets are not necessarily earth-shattering ideas worthy
of registering as IP. They are softer and milder than this: accumulated
wisdom perhaps, specific know-how, a passion that really rocks your
boat which could be shared with others.

Just imagine that you are an expert in developing/managing/entertaining people maybe…

Hidden Asset no 1: Your Cinderella Moments

Pick your three most vivid case histories from your past, where
people have responded emotionally to what you offer – and you and they
have undergone transformation.

Who were those people and what was their need? What did you give
them? Is what you give sufficiently and vividly depicted by you to

Here’s a typical case history.

Esther came on an Employability programme at the university. She is
an amazingly enthusiastic person, full of energy and purpose, but these
strengths were shooting off in all directions. She needed focus.

We talked and talked (and talked!) about where Esther was at, and
then she finally she identified what mattered to her most :
transforming her community. An exhausting but incredibly productive
outcome, as it turned out.

Hidden Asset no 2: Your I-Opportunities

Last week too I met Michael Baker, who underpins his work using a
scheme of three behaviours to manage people at different stages in their
careers: instructing, informing and influencing. It struck me this was a useful analysis for the content of what many of us offer.

Are you exploiting instruction, the basic how-to
elements of your subject, enough? Some of you who visit here are
community – builders and the content of what you do everyday has
tremendous and increasing value for blogs, forums, videos, printed
material, live demos.

Sharing information about how you did it, pitfalls
you encountered, what worked well and what didn’t…. and what you learnt
of course, creates a story format.

And all media revolves around story – so you may have content that is
as valuable for trad media like print journalism and radio, television
and printed books, as it is for the online space.

Am going to add another ‘I’ here, to suggest there may be opportunities for you to influence and inspire others
through shaping your expertise and know-how into edutainment – content
which entertains and engages as it teaches, and ups its impact in doing

Videos, apps and getting out and about talking to people are obvious means of doing this.

Hidden Asset No 3 : Your Emotions

I love the extremes of the online world ; metrics and possibility of
endless analytics at one end of a continuum, and then revelation, love,
hate, grief, anger and envy at the other.

Consider both ends of this spectrum in your area of experience and
you will create compelling content for people. Who has never thought
occasionally ‘ God, I need to have soul!’ or ‘Try and have a cool head
here and some sort of contact with harsh reality’?

And Esther…

Well, she has been unstoppable since her revelation – speaking twice
on the main stage of a party political conference, getting a cracking
job focussed on digital inclusion and standing as a potential councillor.

To her, and all of you bold and brave like her – here’s a great big
festive thumbs up and a poke to say ‘Go on, I dare you, get those assets
out, so we can all share them…’
(and no, not been on the sherry. Yet)

This was the conference speaker and this is Michael Baker.

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