3 Hard-Earned Lessons On How To Achieve Long-Term Leadership Success

If someone were to ask you what 3 personal lessons do you attribute as being key to your success, what would you say? It’s a question I’ve been asked and I thought it would be fun to share the answers in this 10th edition of Leadership Espresso Shot on my leadership podcast, “Leadership Biz Cafe”.

Of course, the motivation behind this being the theme of this episode is not simply because this is the 10th episode in this Leadership Espresso Shot series. Rather, as I’ve mentioned previously here on my blog, I’ve been in a celebratory mood around the fact that my leadership firm, Tanveer Naseer Leadership, has celebrated its 10 year anniversary alongside reaching the 10 year milestone in writing for my award-winning and internationally acclaimed leadership blog.

When we come upon such important milestones, there should naturally be a desire to not only celebrate the achievements, but to also reflect on what it took to get there. Of what hard-earned lessons were revealed that made the journey possible and success attainable. Of course, when you achieve success, it’s only natural for people to want to learn what you’ve learned, of what insights you can impart that might help them better understand and navigate their own path towards their own version of success and fulfillment.

And so, given the alignment of so many milestones for my company, my leadership blog, and my leadership podcast, I wanted to share something that’s been inspired by the many conversations I’ve had with attendees of my leadership keynotes and corporate training sessions who were curious to learn the journey I took to get to where I am today professionally. In some ways, one could also say it’s a bit of a behind the scenes look at the realities of running a long-running leadership blog and podcast.

And rest assured, there’s definitely a couple of heaping teaspoons of actionable advice that you can put into use right now.

Put altogether, there’s no question this episode lives up to that idea of being a concentrated dose of leadership insights and advice, if not also a compelling reason to take a few minutes out of your day to give this a listen to learn how you can improve the way you lead going forward.


Tanveer Naseer is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed leadership writer and keynote speaker. He is also the Principal and Founder of Tanveer Naseer Leadership, a leadership coaching firm that works with executives and managers to help them develop practical leadership and team-building competencies to guide organizational growth and development. Tanveer’s writings and insights on leadership and workplace interactions have been featured in a number of prominent media and organization publications, including Forbes, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Canada’s national newspaper “The Globe and Mail”, The Economist Executive Education Navigator, and the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center.

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