3 eLearning Features to Simplify the Onboarding Process

elearning onboardingAre you surprised to learn most companies are not successful at integrating new employees?

Assimilating your workforce may seem easier said than done. A learning management system (LMS) is a cost effective way to acquaint new hires with company procedures and organizational communications. To make the total onboarding process simple and effective, use an LMS that can host quality training tools.

Three eLearning features that can benefit your onboarding process are:

  1. Social learning
  2. Easy admin tools
  3. Learner support

When utilizing these elements in an eLearning environment, an LMS saves your company money by expediting new hire assimilation and encouraging a high level of company morale.

Social Learning

Connect your workforce by establishing a virtual space where all employees can communicate ideas, goals, and obstacles. With web conferencing, real time chat, and calendars, new hires can connect with company trainers and training courses easily. Social media integrations also encourage interactivity amongst peers, colleagues, and superiors. Social learning management systems are a fun, intuitive environment that can create engagement in your employee onboarding process.

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Easy Admin Tools

To create an educational experience, your company needs to employ a system that can host and promote data (in forms of content and media) through multiple vehicles (video, audio, white papers, etc.). An LMS allows administrators to upload new training curriculum as it is created. As a result, company material can be distributed to all personnel quickly on any device, anywhere in the world.

Learner Support

Setting up an eLearning environment allows your team members to seek support and assistance anytime. Having a digital database of company documents, procedures, projects, reports, and more makes accessing necessary information easy. More so, having in-house talent available to employees through real time chat is a way to ensure questions, get answered and your new hires feel supported. Such training services can be provided by your team so no questions – company related or technical – go unanswered.

The organization provided by an LMS can save your company money because it saves time and eliminates employee frustration in the onboarding process. When looking to incorporate an eLearning center into your onboarding program, consider using TOPYX. The award winning social learning management system boasts the three eLearning features listed above, and more.

You can start utilizing these features, and integrating your employees today. Explore this essential business tool by requesting a free demo of TOPYX.

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