3-2-1 Rule: An Unbelievable Awesome Day!

I study people having sucky days. And I study people having unbelievably awesome days. If you want less of the former and more of the latter, here’s a simple rule to guide each of your days. It absolutely works. Guaranteed!  

3. Three Must-Dos every day
Of course, your To Do list is filled with far more than three Must Dos. But remember the 80/20 ruleā€¦ 80% of your results, success and awesomeness will come from just three of your many To Dos. Narrowing your focus and your energy makes you more awesome!

2. Two Great-Help Moments every day
At least twice a day, help someone else be the best version of themselves: Helpful advice or mentoring. Show them a helpful workaround or tip. Share an Aha you once had. 

Not just for customers or people you’re supposed to help (like your direct reports). But for teammates and others where there’s no direct requirement to do so. You will be amazed at what happens next. Your Pay It Forward moments will be paid back to you. Guaranteed. You’re actually making tomorrow a more awesome day for you if you make somebody else’s today more awesome.

1. One New Learning every day
At least once a day, ask a question you’ve never asked before. Or a question no one else dare asks. Or seek out new information or new experiences you’ve never been exposed to before. Or try a new food or restaurant or route home or a new-to-you routine. 

Learn or experience something new every day. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a big aha or little “Oh, now I see.” Doing so will keep you fresh, more adventurous, more attuned to the world around you, etc. Each learning will be the foundation for future awesome days!

Go have an awesome 3-2-1 day!

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