23 Awesome Resume Mind Maps to Inspire You

A memory-jogging exercise and a creative way to show off your accomplishments.

All paths lead to you

Jane Brotchie

jane brotchie cv mindmap

Stuart Emmett

stuart emmett cv mindmap

Achraf Souk

Achraf Souk mindmap

Alberto Martinez

alberto martinez cv mindmap

Jennifer Goddard

derek goddard cv mindmap

Mohamed Moustafa

Mohamed Moustafa cv mindmap

Dominique Dejonghe

dominique dejonghe cv mindmap


edgar cv mindmap

Emmanuel Lebrun

emmanuel lebrun cv mindmap

Jacqueline Bowman

jacqueline bowman cv mindmap

Jean Pascal

jean pascal cv mindmap


jon cv mindmap

J. Wynia

j wynia cv mindmap

Lars Dahlin

lars dahlin cv mindmap

Marco Bertolini

marco bertolini cv mindmap

Niketan Pansare

niketan pansare cv mindmap


ricclo cv mindmap

Richard Harbridge

richard harbridge cv mindmap

Skanda Kumarasingam

skanda kumarasingam cv mindmap

Steve Rothwell

steve rothwell cv mindmap

Vincent Birlouez

vincent birlouez cv mindmap

Zehra Oguz Lebrun

zehra oguz lebrun cv mindmap


If you’d like to mind map your own resume, here are some free tools:

  • Freemind – arguably the best known free, downloadable mind maping software.
  • Freeplane – a better Freemind than Freemind, I switched to using this a few years ago.
  • Xmind – nice user inteface and available in 7 languages.
  • bubbl.us – cute tool, lets you make the mind maps in your browser window.
  • Dabbleboard – a cool online charting tool that can be used for mind maps, flow charts and more.

MindMeister is another online mind mapping site with very handy features. Their basic/free plan is very limited (you’re only allowed to save 3 mind maps) but they provide a free resume mind map template so you can get started quickly:

my profile cv mindmap

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