2022 Top HR Product Joyous: Joyous V3

What it is: Joyous is an app that unlocks the expertise in large workforces to solve strategic challenges. It works in four steps: It breaks a big challenge down into small conversation starters. It reaches out to a cohort of the workforce who will have the knowledge needed. It routes their responses to subject matter experts and leaders who turn it into conversations, asking for clarification or offering support. AI then analyzes all those conversations to identify the actionable themes that will make the biggest impact.

Why we like it: With a name like “Joyous,” we wanted to like this solution, and we did. The ability to connect employee feedback to direct business outcomes and measures supporting real business objectives is unique in HR tech. We like the approach and innovation, as Joyous sits in the sometimes-challenging space between an HR tool and an operations tool and manages to create value for both.

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