2022 Top HR Product ADP: Intelligent Self-Service

What it is: ADP Intelligent Self-Service anticipates, solves and reduces employee issues before they become a problem. Combining artificial intelligence, deep HCM knowledge and intuitive experiences, ADP Intelligent Self-Service proactively nudges employees to resolve potential issues. A missed punch is a great example. Today, to correct a missed punch, employees and practitioners may follow 15-plus steps over two pay periods before issue resolution. With ADP Intelligent Self-Service, the employee is notified on their ADP Mobile App that a punch is missed and encouraged to resolve the issue within the same experience. ADP’s Intelligent Self-Service improves the workplace technology experience by proactively addressing issues before they happen.

Why we like it: This innovative solution, with its goal to “take the work out,” relies on ADP’s billions of data points from its clients to improve HR service delivery while freeing up HR professionals to spend more time on strategic work. We like the simple platform and, especially, the virtual assistant that surfaces potential problems for employees before a crisis, whether that’s a missed punch on a timecard or maternity leave information. Overall, its predictive and proactive nature make this a winner.

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