2014 workplace legal issues; An outline for the future of HR

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The new year got you swamped at work? We’ve got you covered.

Here are five articles to help you stay on top of the latest HR news:

  • Workplace Legal Issues We May Be Dealing With in 2014 TLNT: “Continued bickering over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Reforms which took effect as of Jan. 1, 2014, include expanded Medicaid coverage, individual requirement to have health insurance, use of health insurance exchanges, health insurance premium cost sharing subsidies, guaranteed availability of insurance, no annual limits on coverage, essential health benefits and wellness programs in insurance.”
  • Track the HR metrics that really matter Business Management Daily: “ Ask execs about factors that help the organization and departments run more smoothly, satisfy customers and turn a profit. A key question to ask managers: ‘What department numbers does your boss bug you about the most?’ If you keep hearing the same answer, chances are you should be tracking a related HR metric.”
  • What Is the Future of HR? Workforce: “HR already has a fairly strong role within generational diversity. However, there is a large gap between where HR is and where it thinks it should be. The preparation for the multigenerational workforce lags well behind the reality. Those polled have agreed that organizations will be hurt when the older generation leaves and takes knowledge with it. To counter this, many organizations now have reverse mentoring programs where the younger generation is mentoring the older generation to help with technology skills and to transfer knowledge.”
  • What Should HR Leaders Focus On In 2014? Forbes: “Talent has always been important, but it has increasingly become more critical because so many organizations are doing much more complex, knowledge-based work and operating globally. This has created a situation where the performance of talent has a major impact on the bottom line. The difference in many critical jobs between good talent performance and poor talent performance is 100 to 1. That reality is increasingly causing knowledge work-based organizations to focus on talent as a source of competitive advantage.”
  • To Maximize Recruitment ROI, HR Needs To Adapt to Changing Employment Landscape Bloomberg Business: “Within the HR department, recruiting has become a high-value function and is now recognized by senior executives as a key role of HR. Developing a way to use metrics that identify where companies are sourcing applicants and establishing the time it takes per hire are essential, he said. Applicant tracking systems demonstrate to the executive team that recruiters are looking at return on investment and understand their piece of the business in a strategic way, he said.”

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