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2011 Networked Readiness Index by World Economic Forum: How Networked is Asia?

World Economic Forum (WEF) on Tuesday released the latest edition of The Global Information Technology Report 2010 – 2011: Transformation 2.0 report. The annual report ranks a total of 138 countries worldwide, using its Networked Readiness Index (NRI).

Some observations:

  • A total of 19 Asian countries in the 2010-2011 NRI list, out of 138 countries worldwide.
  • 5 Asian countries are in the top 20 of this year’s NRI list – Singapore (2nd), Taiwan (5), South Korea (10), Hong Kong (12), and Japan (19).
  • Singapore is the most networked nation in Asia. The Southeast Asian city-state ranked second in the world, behind Sweden.
  • Singapore is also the only Asian country ranked higher than the United States (no. 5 worldwide).
  • Malaysia ranked first in the Upper-middle Income Group of nations in the NRI ranking. Malaysia is also the only upper-middle income country in the top 30 overall. The country’s score increased from 4.65 in 2010 to 4.74 in 2011.
  • According to the report, Malaysia “places 10th for ICT readiness of the society as a whole. Among the main stakeholders, the government is showing the way. ICT plays a critical role in its Wawasan 2020 (Vision 2020) plan for Malaysia to become high-income economy by 2020″ (p. 24; WEF, 2011).
  • Indonesia leaped 14 places to 53 this year, with improvements across the three NRI components.
2010-2011 Networked Readiness Index for Asian Countries
Rank in AsiaCountry / EconomyScore 2011Score 2010Global Rank 2011
 United States5.335.465
3South Korea5.195.1410
4Hong Kong SAR5.195.3312
11Brunei Darussalam3.893.7757
13Sri Lanka3.813.6566

According to the WEF report, the underlying principles of the Networked Readiness Index are:

  • An ICT-conducive environment is a key precondition of network readiness.
  • Networked readiness requires a society-wide effort.
  • ICT readiness leads to ICT usage and increased impact.

The Index comprises to three subindexes, namely:

  1. Environment subindex:
    • Market environment
    • Political & regulatory environment
    • Infrastructure environment
  2. Readiness subindex:
    • Individual readiness
    • Business readiness
    • Government readiness
  3. Usage subindex:
    • Individual usage
    • Business usage
    • Government usage

The final NRI score is a simple average of the three composing subindex scores, while each subindex’s score is a simple average of those of the composing pillars. In doing this, we assume that all Index components give a similar contribution to national networked readiness. (p. 6, WEF, 2011)

The Global Information Technology Report 2010 – 2011: Transformation 2.0 (Full report)

2011 Networked Readiness Index by World Economic Forum: How Networked is Asia? originally appeared on GreyReview on April 13, 2011.


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