1Malaysia Email with project description changed overnight

ETPThe description of the 1Malaysia Email project was changed on the ETP website overnight. On April 19, 2011, PEMANDU described the project as follow (emphasis added by GreyReview):

The 1Malaysia Email project is a government initiative in providing a unique and official email account and ID for the citizens of Malaysia.

This initiative will serve to allow direct and secure communications between citizens and the Government, as well as enhance the delivery of Government services to consumers and businesses alike.

Tricubes Bhd will spearhead the development of a web portal which includes an email account for all Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above. The web portal will serve as a one-stop centre for government services, providing value added services such as social networking, online bill checking and payment as well web development toolkits for citizen and businesses organization to creatively develop applications.

Today, the description of 1Malaysia Email is as follow (emphasis added by GreyReview):

The 1Malaysia Email project which features the domain name of “myemail.my” is a private sector initiative led by Tricubes Berhad to provide a unique and official email account and user ID for interested citizens of Malaysia. It will serve as an alternative channel for 2-way communication between the government and rakyat. “Malaysian” means created, operated and hosted in Malaysia.

The aspiration is for Malaysians aged 18 and above to be offered with a single secured communication channel to government e-services through a single user ID using the domain name “myemail.my”.

The user ID will eventually be used for any government e-services e.g. e-hasil, EPF statements, driving license renewals, quit rent payment etc.

The differences:

  • The current version seems downscaled in scope of the 1Malaysia Email project, compared to yesterday’s version (see Exhibit 1 below). Both “social networking” and “web development toolkits” are now missing (or maybe it was omitted intentionally to avoid further confusion). In my article posted yesterday, I’ve mentioned the inclusion of both features as part of the 1Malaysia Email project.
  • Now, it is clearly stated the Portal is for government e-services e.g. e-hasil, etc., in addition to the email service.
  • It also emphasizes the non-compulsory of the email ID for Malaysian citizens by saying the service is “for interested citizens of Malaysia“.

EXHIBIT 1: ETP Website accessed April 19 2011

EXHIBIT 2: ETP Website accessed April 20 2011

I think the latest version of the description offers a slightly clearer picture of 1Malaysia Email project. What do you think?

1Malaysia Email with project description changed overnight originally appeared on GreyReview on April 20, 2011.

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