17 Employee Engagement Eclectic Resource Zingers (No. 18)

Engage these resource to build learning, relationships and results.

  1. Get lean. http://bit.ly/c4GoBS
  2. Terrific and comprehensive summary of lessons learned from Seth Godin by JD Meier. http://bit.ly/cpNR86
  3. How to stay on top of the world of info-graphics. Great resource. http://bit.ly/aGJLEI
  4. WOW. Leadership is the ball: leadership is a collective process not an individual attribute ~ Didier Marlier http://bit.ly/dvkSnh
  5. Is social media replacing something we have, or adding a new thing? with Kevin Jones. http://bit.ly/bXM6pa
  6. Do you have a learning partner? http://bit.ly/dgr16d
  7. I love it. Thanks Eric Klein. 18 reasons Love is more demanding than Law. http://bit.ly/atasNf
  8. The 80/20 Rule and Strengths-Based Development By Jerry Kail http://bit.ly/dxdmyS
  9. Terry Strabucker has created a free, simple, elegant, and powerful leadership ebook with “glass.” http://bit.ly/b369kp
  10. Julian Dobson with 5 counterintuitive tips of creating community and changing the world. http://bit.ly/bmhztR
  11. Joseph Grenny video interview on how to ask for your vacation time. http://bit.ly/b6wlL4
  12. Terrific free 41 page PDF on The Power of Accessible Leadership by Dan Oestreich. Download it now. http://bit.ly/cxyWNe
  13. Take a look at 6 feet of death and taxes in US. Awesome data display. http://bit.ly/azfJqA
  14. Light living – think of nothing that happens as either good or bad. Stop judging, and stop expecting. http://bit.ly/c9XhmW
  15. Why Newcomers Often See Things More Clearly Than Old Hands. http://bit.ly/bS7J05
  16. 1 minute video message: Get rid of the crappy stuff. Advice from Steve Jobs to Nike. http://bit.ly/cEfM2R
  17. Powerful. The High Cost of Mistrust by Judy Bardwick. http://bit.ly/cgA5BZ

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