17 Employee Engagement Eclectic Resource Zingers (#5)

From Steve Nash teaching us about business and basketball to scams and measuring charisma.

  1. 3 business scale questions:1. globe-spanning? 2. world-changing? 3. life-altering? http://bit.ly/8bXTES

  2. The 7 Psychological Principles of Scams: Protect Yourself by Learning the Techniques http://bit.ly/4XzUms

  3. You must read Sandy Pentland. Big impact next 10 years. Measure the Power of Charisma. http://bit.ly/5LV53e

  4. Getting through your day. Are you scripting or improvising? http://bit.ly/8JqSqP

  5. Good review of SWAT. Helpful journey though working. Review by Scot Herrick http://bit.ly/5cSu70

  6. Free 33 page ebook. Over 100 contributors with 1 sentence each on how to manage employee engagement. http://bit.ly/52q4Ws

  7. Carl Rogers has much to teach business about authenticity and relationships. Thanks Lisa Haneberg. http://bit.ly/6PlFuW a

  8. Work as play video from Alan Watts. Thanks Alexander Kjerulf http://bit.ly/8hUwKn

  9. Is data crowding out faith and action? Good pity points by Seth Godin. http://bit.ly/5kuokd

  10. How do you learn a foreign language (or just about anything)? Scott H. Young. http://bit.ly/6JlTps

  11. Start your day with 3 stories. Well done and very helpful. http://bit.ly/4G0PXg

  12. What we expect from real leaders. I expected nothing less from Steve Roesler. http://bit.ly/4FEbJ9

  13. Anemic sterile words. The hole in the soul of business. http://bit.ly/4Agjkb

  14. Steve Nash the master of the pass, quickness and improvisation. Model for business and basketball. Love it. http://bit.ly/4wkd1W

  15. Open your book open up employee engagement. Thanks for link M. Stallard. http://bit.ly/717wC5

  16. 49 new members joined the free and freeing employee engagement network this week. http://bit.ly/rKCXH

  17. @junson takes a CLOSE view of office romance in latest cartoon on the Employee Engagement Network. http://bit.ly/rKCXH

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