15 Employee Engagement Eclectic Resource Zingers (No. 10)

15 Employee Engagement Eclectic Resource to Improve Your Work and Your Life.

David Zinger offers you informative links and resources to enhance and improve your work and life engagement. This edition of 15 Eclectic Resource Zingers range from engagement adding shareholder value to how to keep employees in a bad economy.

Eclectic Zingers 1

  1. The people shift in employee engagement and management.

  2. Employee engagement adds shareholder value with striving, thinking and relating talents.

  3. Would you recognize yourself? By Martha Finney.

  4. The 5 Do’s of talent management with impact

  5. Making Hay. The shifts in employee engagement and rewards

  6. Large numbers of Irish employees plan to leave the country because they are dissatisfied at work. 7

  7. Employee disengagement. I quit – resignations on the rise in the UK

  8. Semantics. Are we getting too wordy in employee engagement?

  9. Is this swell that swell? Surveys keep swelling in employee engagement

  10. MSR communications. Employee Engagement. The Joy of rolling downhill!

  11. Book Review: 42 Rules of Employee Engagement By Mike King

  12. Score without focusing on scoring. Value of low employee engagement scores. http://bit.ly/aujQHP

  13. Employee turnover costs the US economy an estimated $5 trillion annually. University of Seattle case study.

  14. Solid Goldsmith on HBR: How to Keep Good Employees in a Bad Economy http://bit.ly/9emhHG

  15. Employee Engagement Karōshi -> @junson nails it with latest cartoon for Today at Work. http://bit.ly/aX6K0F


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