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Today’s post was a group effort

Bollywood dances usually follow or are choreog...

Bollywood dances usually follow or are choreographed to filmi songs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay.  I was dry on ideas on exactly what to write today’s blog post about, so I used that old standby for inspiration – I put on some music and asked my Facebook friends for suggestions.    Here’s what I got the first thirty minutes, and my short thoughts on each topic.

 Shennee Rutt How about something like Olympics and HR?
I didn’t watch the Olympics opening ceremony. I’m not interested, mostly because I’m put off by the greed and all the negative press about Russian law, stray dogs, and black widow terrorists.  I’ll probably watch some of the hockey competition eventually, but it’s turnoff so far.
  • Kelly Dunn Online Loyalty Through Social Media…
    It’s not what Kelly meant, but it’s great to have friends on-line who are willing to help out.  I went to the same high school in Michigan as Kelly. He’s a very talented photographer and artist, and it’s worth checking out his work.
  • Jeff Power What Bollywood can teach us about vibrant communities
    Holy crap Jeff, talk about esoteric suggestions.  Bollywood films are a hoot, and the community aspects are remarkable.  I’m sure there’s a doctoral thesis or two in this topic.  Jeff runs a company called Pangeo Coffee with a fantastic story.

    We’re dedicated humanitarian aid workers, helping some of the poorest villages of Africa, Asia and the Middle East with sustainable development.

    We’re also coffee geeks.

    Our “day job” for years has been helping villages learn to transform themselves out of severe poverty, through Geneva-Switzerland-headquartered Global Hope Network. We teach villages low cost, low-tech, locally available ways to get for themselves things like clean water, enough food to grow and eat, dramatically reduced disease and death, small businesses they dream up and launch, schools they help build with their own hands, etc. We help them to be strong and independent — it’s exciting work where we see real results.

  • Kyle Jones How about “help, I need a blog post topic today” and discuss how you found inspiration from your social connections?
    The results are self-evident, Kyle.  Thanks for joining the effort!
  • Tim Baker Cheese
    Good topic, Tim.   According to my page on Amazon, I purchased “Who Moved my Cheese” on June 24, 2002.   Let me know if you ever want to borrow. It’s in my office library still.
  • Cynthia Rambeau Bruno Are the Olympics obsolete?
    Cynthia is another former high school classmate.  I don’t think the Olympics are obsolete.  Just the opposite in fact.  The Olympics are big business, over commercialized and rendered somewhat sterile as a result.  The spirit of fellowship and competition are still worthy goals to strive for.  They just need to regain some of that spirit.
  • Rob LaGow Writers block and its many iterations.
    Writer’s block sucks, in all its many iterations, Rob.  I wasn’t suffering from block this morning, but more a lack of any inspired idea.  It’s tough to have fun writing every day.  This little exercise made this post fun. Thanks!
  • Kelly Dunn ”Sochi or Sushi”
    I have been thinking “So-chee” all week.   Sounds like spicy fermented cabbage.

  • Suzanne Nussbaum Goldman  Developing a “Bring Your Cat to Work Day”. Program
    What self respecting cat would want to waste it’s time at work?  Get real, Suzanne. :)
  • Kimberly Patterson CVS rockin their mission!
    I have to admit, the CVS move to cease selling tobacco products is an inspired one that does seem to reflect their mission objective of being more a healthcare provider than a retailer of soda, candy and cigarettes.  I applaud them for giving up $2 billion in annual sales. The cynic in me wonders how they plan to get it back.
  • Heather Kinzie When side by side toilets aren’t enough to make a bond.
    Every time I write about toilets in a blog post, people look at me funny the next time I see them at a conference.  I think I’ll flush this topic for now. Enjoy your travel in the lower 48, Heather.
  • Jessica Miller-Merrell Jay Leno goodbye and his mention of unions.
    That was a nice touch.  ”I’m proud to say this is a union show,” he said, adding how proud he was when one of his staff showed off a new car or told him about their new house
  • Sue Marks The Coke Super Bowl Commercial
    I loved it. I think the people who complained about it need to grow up.  They also need to learn which song is actually our national anthem.
  • Rob LaGow In Som Knee Uh: an interview with John Jorgensen
    Double billing for you Rob.  I’m afraid that topic would put us all to sleep
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