11 Free and Freeing Career Zingers

Free Fast Acting Career Zingers to Perk Up Your Career

We must take responsibility for our own career development. No organization, parent, or coach can do it for us.

I am not willing to go through 368 pages to find our the color of parachute or read hundreds of pages of some career book to turbocharge my career.

This is where Career Zingers comes in. This micro e-book offers you 11 nudges to boost or perk up your career.

You can spend time on your career rather than spending time reading about career development. By the way, almost half of the book is pictures!

Add some zing to your career. I invite you to click here or on the cover above to open the book on your own career!

In addition, feel free to pass on this e-book to co-workers, family members, and friends.

David Zinger is devoted to helping people with their career, work, and wellbeing.


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