101 Things to write about on a recruitment blog

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While I was preparing for speaking on blogging at the Recruiting Unconference yesterday, I put together this list to help all the blogging newbies. One thing I always get asked by people, is what they can write about on a blog, so here are a few pointers!

So if you blog about recruitment, in any way and constantly get stuck for subjects to blog on, take a look at my list of 101 Things to write about on a recruitment blog – I hope it helps you in your writing quest.

1.    Tell people about you and your role in the company

2.    Tell them about your company

3.    Take videos for your premises – maybe a video tour?

4.    Interview some of your suppliers (including photographs and maybe video?)

5.    Interview some of your clients (including photographs and maybe video?)

6.    Interview really good candidates about their experiences with your company

7.    Customer case studies

8.    Stories of customers gone wrong

9.    Tell people about the best consultant you ever met and why they were good

10.    Talking about the worst insult ever employed (make this one more humorous)

11.    Share your business’s successes

12.    Take this further and break it down into more details specialised areas within your specific industry

13.    Write about your competition – who is the competition?

14.    Write about their products and how they differ from yours

15.    Tell people how to get the most from your customer service department

16.    The best way that people can suggest improvements to your service

17.    Tell people about projects are you currently working on

18.    How do you work with your clients

19.    How do you expect your clients to work with you

20.    Break down each of your products and explain in more detail (maybe video)

21.    How does your approach differ to that of your competitors?

22.    Give examples of clients that have used different parts of the services and get quotes from them on their success

23.    Identify innovative new methods or products in the marketplace

24.    Five tips for getting the most out of working with your company

25.    Tell people about you as a person –  what make you tick

26.    Tell people about your company and your staff – video is great for this

27.    Tell people of your growth plans

28.    Tell people what your business worries for your industry i.e. £ vs. $

29.    Share some funny stories of mistakes you have previously made

30.    Share some funny stories of your industry that you have read in the press

31.    Tell people about any anniversaries you have e.g. five years in business

32.    Tell people about new products or services

33.    Conduct a poll, related to your industry

34.    Take a look the tools you use online in your industry sector

35.    Create easy 5 or 10 point tips to using these tools effectively

36.    Describe an interesting conversation with a client and the outcome

37.    Describing interesting conversations with a candidates and their insights

38.    What are the industry clichés and how they relevant are they

39.    The latest new buzzwords in your sector

40.    Describing some of your professional habits at work (I don’t mean the bad ones)

41.    Ask people’s opinions about these habits and share the answers

42.    Write about the person that mentored you when you first started in recruitment

43.    Who’d you look up to in recruitment and admire

44.    Who do you see as the new up-and-coming stars in recruitment and why

45.    Explore recruitment in different countries relevant to your sector or industry

46.    Tell people interesting travel stories related to jobs and to work

47.    Share funny candidate experiences from interviews

48.    Review products from your industry

49.    Describe your utopian ideas for recruitment – what would you like to see

50.    Tell people your opinions about the industry are you working in

51.    Tell people about your opinions on recruitment

52.    Tell people about your opinions on other recruitment products or services

53.    Use your knowledge and history of your sector to explain how things have changed over the last few years

54.    Interview people from your industry at all levels (ideally on video)

55.    By reading magazines, find interesting quotes that people have come up with in relation to sectors within your industry

56.    Share industry stories that you have read and comment on them

57.    Use other people’s blog content to create a story that is interesting i.e. linking to another blog post you want to pass comment on

58.    Praise people and congratulate them, be a genuinely nice person!

59.    Look at the trends in your industry

60.    What is the latest news in your sector

61.    What are the good trade magazines that people should be reading in your industry

62.    What are the trade magazines that people should be reading in the recruitment sector

63.    Tell people about your first day in recruitment

64.    Tell people about the tools you used when you first started recruitment

65.    Share of bio of yourself with your readers

66.    Do you have some radical ideas about your sector/industry

67.    Describe a ‘day in the life’ of you at work

68.    Describe a day working as part of your team

69.    Share some of your skills and knowledge

70.    Some ‘how to’ guides, related to your role

71.    Tell people of your worst experiences as a recruitment consultant

72.    Tell people about the best experiences you’ve had as a recruitment consultant

73.    Track the news and find a newsworthy story in your industry or sector

74.    Create a list, the top 10 ATS Vendors, the Top 5 social networks

75.    Have a moan –  there is nothing like going off on a rant

76.    How do you use Facebook in your job

77.    What do you think of Facebook in the recruitment of Arena

78.    Should recruiters actually embraced Facebook

79.    What are the pitfalls of your company using Facebook to recruit

80.    How do you engage with my candidates

81.    How do you engage with my clients

82.    What technology do you use on a day-to-day basis from my job

83.    What latest technology would you like to use a day-to-day basis

84.    Tell people about the last industry conference you attended

85.    Tell people about bad conference experiences you’ve had

86.    What are the biggest big business issues you’re facing right now

87.    Why did you join your company and what attracted you to them

88.    How do you use twitter in recruitment

89.    How can you use social media in the recruiting environment to recruit

90.    Examine the differences in the generations in your particular industry i.e. gen Y gen X , baby boomers etc

91.    How could your industry use social media better

92.    What do you enjoy most about working in your industry

93.    Share some presentations you have previously delivered  (via slide share)

94.    How do you build a lifelong relationship with your candidates

95.    Talk about your brand as an employer brand

96.    How does your brand compare to other competitors in the market place you’re in

97.    How do you use social networking to find candidates in your sector

98.    Share with people some of the things you like doing when you’re networking

99.    Do some industry book reviews and share those with people

100.    Play futurologist, predict what will happen in the future in your industry

101.    10 tips for a newbie entering the recruitment industry

That should help to get you started!!

If you would prefer this is a Word document here is a download Download 101 Things to Write About on a Recruitment Blog

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