10 years Too long

The last of your children has gone off to start their life. That was a while ago. What you feel now, cannot be called empty nest syndrome. Yet somehow, you feel lost. Your life has become a monotonous droning of the same things day in and day out. You get up, you fix breakfast. After your husband leaves for work, you do the dishes. Your time alone is spent with time filling projects. The yard needs pruning, the flowerbeds need weeding.

When you do the weekly shopping, you often see things that could fill some time in between morning and night. You buy them and wonder just how much time they will fill. Finally one day you decide that you should learn a trade. So using your computer, you go back to school. You would have taken classes at the local College but, your husband forbade it. He wants you at home. How will it be run without you? You need to be there waiting with dinner when he gets home. That’s how it has always been, and that’s how it must stay.

Online classes are good. They don’t get you out of the house. But, they do fill the time, and you are learning a new trade. You chose a career that can be worked from home. It will take time and effort to build a client list. But, these days you have nothing but time. He’s not happy about what you are doing. You argue that it doesn’t affect him. Somehow, he thinks that it does. When you try to include him in your enthusiasm, he brings you down and is not supportive. You stop telling him about your new job.

That’s what it is, a job. It’s something that you work at, and get paid to do. Your account is not at a bank. You have something set up on line. It is what was suggested, so you did it. It feels liberating to know that you have your own money. It’s not much, but it’s yours. Slowly you wean yourself off of his paycheck. Whatever you want, you buy with your money. The house and its expenses is what his check is for.

Finally one day, you realize that you and he are living separate lives, and have been for 10 years or more. You share a meal twice a day. That is all. That’s when it becomes clear, it’s time to call Divorce Lawyers in Springfield MO. The charade is over, and it’s time to seize the life that you have always wanted. You’ve nurtured it, and flirted with it, now it’s time to take it.

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