10 Ways to Publicize Your Event Using Social Media

megaphone2 xenia 10 Ways to Publicize Your Event Using Social Media Social Media is a terrific channel to use for spreading the word about an upcoming event.  However, I find that small business owners are often hesitant to do so for fear of appearing too promotional or “spammy.”

There is definitely a bit of an art to it, and as a general rule you want to keep about 90% of what you share in social media non-promotional.  But that leaves a full 10% where you can let your friends, followers and contacts know about that chock-full-of-benefits product, teleseminar, workshop or sale you’ve got cookin’. :)

Here are some of the specific ways you can do that.

1. Update your personal Facebook status. If you prefer not to use your personal Facebook profile for anything business-related then this might not apply to you, but it’s worth thinking about all the people your friends and family might know and could refer to you. The real power of status updates is the fact that they go out into the News Feed, which means all of your friends can see it there as well.

2. Send a message to Facebook friends you think would be interested. Proceed with caution with this one.  Blanketing all of your friends with an invite or message isn’t always appropriate.  Stick to those you think might have a genuine interest in what you are offering.

3. Blog about it. Once in a while it’s a good idea to let your blog readers know about your upcoming events.  You could also then link to the blog post and share it with your social media contacts so they can visit and find out more.

4. Update your LinkedIn status. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn lets you add status updates to your profile.  They have also recently introduced the ability to send your status updates to Twitter simultaneously.

5. Create an Event on your Facebook personal profile or Fan Page. The Events application comes in handy because you can use it to fill in all the details about your event, post it to your profile and even send the event invitation to your friends or Fans.

6. Update your Fan Page status. Don’t be shy about letting your Fans know about what you have going on—after all, they are there to support your business and they want to know all the ways you can help them.  This includes your offerings.

7. Tweet. Don’t forget to use Twitter to let your followers know about your latest offerings.  If some of them re-tweet the message about it for you, all the better.

8. Send an update to your Facebook Fans. One of the benefits of having a Fan Page is the ability for you to update all of your Fans at once.  Take advantage of this and use it to keep them in the loop.

9. Create a LinkedIn Event and send an invite to your contacts. LinkedIn has Events just like Facebook, and you can send the information about them directly to multiple LinkedIn contacts at once with the click of a button.

10. Upload a short video to YouTube about it. You can make your video as short as 30 seconds, and include a call to action regarding what you are publicizing.  Tell viewers where they can get more info and be sure to include keywords about the event in the video’s description.

Don’t leave your event a best-kept secret!  Start using a few of these methods today to get the word out on the social web.

Any methods you use and would like to add?

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10 Ways to Publicize Your Event Using Social Media

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