10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Brand

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LinkedIn is an awesome social network for our industry as it offers us so much on so many levels. However to many it is still a bit of an enigma. It is ever changing, confusing, large (in terms of all the functions you can use), and definitely confusing to many people.
For people like me who are on it every day, and have been using it for years, it is a really powerful addition to my marketing toolbox. But what if you are in one of the (many) groups of people who haven’t grasped just how powerful LinkedIn can be, for helping them position their own personal brand in a competitive work environment?

Last night I delivered a presentation to a room of Senior Interim professionals from HR and Recruitment, to demonstrate why they have no choice but to invest more of their time in using LinkedIn more strategically. The company I delivered it for – Interimity (owned by Julia Briggsthe picture, not the cartoon in the presentation below!) is a fast growing company that provides senior level interims for HR and Recruitment roles for large companies. What I like about what they are doing is that it is focused on quality and community. All the client assignments are sourced from this top quality senior HR and Recruitment Network and personal referrals from the network members. Could this be called a ‘Trusted Talent Network’?

As with many interims, who are continually in demand and moving from assignment to assignment, their personal brand is sometimes the last thing on their mind, as their enemy is often time. 

My message last night was a simple one – there is no longer no choice than to address your profile, your company profile (you do have a company page, right?) and your online brand on sites like LinkedIn. This is especially true as more clients (via direct sourcing) and recruitment companies now use LinkedIn as their primary recruiting tools for senior hire – interim or permanent.

Here is the slide deck presentation I delivered, ’10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Brand’:


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