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10 Ways to Effectively Market Your HR Business With Social Media

Social Media Overload. You see it. In fact, you can’t avoid it. Like the rest of us, you are being bombarded with social media. You understand the game is changing. But there is so much information, you feel paralyzed.  You know you need to be marketing with Social Media but where do you even start? Or if you have started, are you investing your efforts in the best places and the most effective ways?

John Sumser of HRxAnalysts and Mark Willaman, Founder of HRmarketer & SocialEars HR® recently presented a webinar titled 10 Ways to Effectively Market Your HR Business With Social Media.

John and Mark spoke about the perfect storm of technical change that we are immersed in, where to dive in and what tools to use to begin implementing some, or all, of the 10 ways to market your HR business with social media.

Here is a copy of the slides. You can listen to the webinar archive here.

  1. Tune Your Content to the Current Discussion 
  2. Optimize Your Content to Get Read 
  3. Become an Expert 
  4. Tell Stories 
  5. Broaden Your Social Presence 
  6. Reinvent the Wheel 
  7. Build an Advisory Board 
  8. Build a Link Magnet 
  9. Create ‘Top’ Lists 
  10. Find, Work With and Nurture the Amplifiers 

And here are the Tweets from the webinar – many of which have some great supporting information and links to additional information for each of the 10 ways. ‏@HRmarketer
Stiff and Slow is No Way to Go. … #socialears

Tim Baker, CHRP ‏@TimBakerHR
Great point about “joining conversations” about topics – you don’t need to create original content all the time #SocialEars ‏@HRmarketer
Win Under the Google AuthorRank System … #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
Quality content is increasingly important for SEO, but you also need visibility, social media shares. #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
Google is penalizing websites for black-hat SEO techniques. #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
For more cool content marketing charts, see our Pinterest Content Marketing folder  #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
An expert doesn’t have to be an individual. A company or a brand can be an expert. #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
Funnel your major pieces of content through a variety of content methods. #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
Telling Your Story. The Secrets to Content Branding. … #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
A great place to learn how to tell stories is  #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
Rule of thumb: Tweet 4 pieces of other people’s content for every tweet promoting your own. And even that may be too much. #socialears

Tim Baker, CHRP ‏@TimBakerHR
MT @HRmarketer: Rule of thumb: Tweet 4 pieces of other peoples content 4 every tweet promoting ur own #SocialEars ‏@HRmarketer
Any comments on today’s webinar so far? What do you find useful, interesting? #socialears

Rita Jackson ‏@RitaCJackson
The power of creating a trending & timely blog cannot be overlooked. But how? #SocialListening & analyzing content is magic. #SocialEars ‏@HRmarketer
Top twitter tools used by HR influencers. … #socialears

Tim Baker, CHRP ‏@TimBakerHR
“Reinvent the Wheel”? Should be “Re-introduce the Wheel” #SocialEars ‏@HRmarketer
Recycling your content by design is an advanced approach to content development. #socialears

awardframes ‏@awardframes
Webinar focus today gr8! RT @hrmarketer: Top twitter tools used by HR influencers. … #socialears

Lyn H ‏@designtwit
Webinar focus today gr8! RT @hrmarketer: Top twitter tools used by HR influencers. … #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
Republish good content: … #socialears

Lyn H ‏@designtwit
@designtwit Oh- we really do need an advisory board. Critique, counsel, focus… yep. #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
Organize experts in your company’s niche as a team to look at your business, so your company becomes center of niche expertise. #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
Start small with an advisory board. Pick a few people, and make it work. #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
A link magnet is a collection of links about a topic hosted on your site. #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
Build a link magnet: Show that your company is on top of the conversation and get a major SEO benefit. #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
The Most Toxic Words In Marketing … #socialears

Lyn H ‏@designtwit
Link Magnet disconnect bacon+HR=engagement & link love but not really link recognition in my product market. #knownfact #socialears #hr ‏@HRmarketer
Top lists are great for marketing. … #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
Top lists generate a lot of traffic. Think of lists that will benefit your audience. #socialears ‏@HRmarketer
Offer something to get something from the amplifiers. #socialears

Talent Generation ‏@talemetry
Like RTs. RT @HRmarketer: Offer something to get something from the amplifiers. #socialears

Lyn H ‏@designtwit
You have 2 customize every interaction. It is an investment. And so many businesses/marketers R not patient enough to invest. #socialears

Lyn H ‏@designtwit
The spammy side of Google+ and LinkedIn is a turn off 2 me. SEO drudgery to have to engage there. No authentic traction. #socialears

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