10 Top Tips To Boost Your Career

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Guest Post by Nikki Ruth the founder of CV writing and interview coaching company My CV and Me.

10 Top Tips To Boost Your Career

Success in a career is a journey that can take a while but one small step could lead to another and then another. They are the ones who have slowly worked their way up by doing effectively what they are supposed to do and a little bit more in the sideline. What can you do to optimise your own career progression? Our ten good habits will point you in the right direction.

1. Showcase your value – You can make a much better case for a promotion by showing your boss detailed information about your past successes. Keep a record of everything you do that enhances the company’s bottom line, that puts the company or your department in a good light, that is creative and innovative and that shows your loyalty and commitment to the company.

2. Be a team player – Work well with people. Many people who are technically proficient and excellent at their job do not get promoted because they lack people skills Ask for feedback and try to build a reputation as someone who is always positive and good to be around. Be the first to volunteer for any social tasks like organising the Christmas party.

3. Save and bring in the money – In a recession the bottom line is more important than ever. People who bring in or save pounds will stay and even get more responsibility. Take one hour out of every week and brainstorm ideas for new income streams. When you have a good one, implement it and work hard to grow it.

4. Become indispensable – Make yourself indispensable and be the expert on something. If you can’t be the expert, be the glue. Some people are kept around simply because everything goes better with them around. There are less conflicts and people find you to solve problems.

5. Stay current – Add to your skills by taking courses in whatever is being offered that will make you more valuable at work. One of the most important ways of keeping your job is showing the company you have something to offer that will make them money. Stay current on industry events, changes and news. Read newspapers and trade magazines.

6. Be bold with ideas – Pitch your useful ideas to your manager. Make sure that your ideas are feasible and could be applied fast. The fact that you’ve pitched your ideas means you care about the company.

7. Network internally – People think about networking when looking for a new job, but don’t forget to network within your current company. It is a great way to find out about opportunities in other areas of the company. Join professional organisations that relate to your industry and check out LinkedIn where you can search, find, and network with co-workers and other industry players.

8. Find a mentor – Mentors are people you can talk openly and honestly about work-related issues. A mentor should be more experienced than you and can guide your career and champion your skills to the right people. You can learn a lot about the company and about the jobs you might want to get in the future.

9. Stay on the radar – There are things that can be classed as ‘going the extra mile’ without trying too hard. For example, whenever you are in a meeting speak up and offer ideas. Active participation is highly valued in any company. Volunteering to help out other departments or asking for more responsibilities increases your value. Also be present at company events and network.

10. Work from the next level up – If you want to get promoted, start doing some of the work at the next level up now. For example if you are a marketing executive now, do some work that is only expected of a marketing manager. This allows you to demonstrate that you are capable of that position already.

These are simple ideas but they will boost your career to a higher level.

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Guest Post by Nikki Ruth the founder of CV writing and interview coaching company My CV and Me.
You can follow her on Twitter atTwitter.com/MyCVandMe

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