10 Things You Probably Already Know about 1Malaysia Email

This is a list of 10 things we’ve learned about the 1Malaysia Email service (so far):

  1. Types of information you’ll receive in your MyEmail Inbox: Income tax returns, Employee Provident Fund statements, notices of summons, driving license renewals, and quit rent payments.
  2. 1Malaysia Email project is to create “Malaysian Email“. According to Tricubes’ press release, “Malaysian Email” means the service is operated and hosted by a Malaysian company, and this is where Tricubes comes in.

  3. Windows Live is re-skinned for the 1Malaysia Email project. Services include email inbox, online storage, able to create, save and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint are the some of the core offerings of the Windows Live platform.
  4. MyEmail service offers 25GB of storage. That’s larger than (free) storage offered by services like Dropbox and Box.net.
  5. Secured with MyKad authentication service layer, offered by Tricubes. So, does this mean Malaysian citizens have to buy personal MyKad readers to access the email service? Or would they only be required to key in their MyKad number?
  6. Tricubes will generate revenue from website advertising, online dissemination of government bills and notices (via MyEmail), access to job boards and online marketplace. How will this affect Pos Malaysia’s revenue?
  7. This is a 10-year project, from now until 2020, with total investment of RM50 million. Initial investment is estimated to reach RM5.3 million.
  8. The domain “myemail.my” is registered for 1 year only. (The national ICT initiative, MSC Malaysia, with domain its msc.com.my created in Nov 1999 and expiring in Nov 2011. That’s 12 years!)
  9. Closed beta testing to start in April 2011.
  10. KPI set by NKEA Communications Content and Infrastructure Lab under the Malaysian Economic Transformation Programme: 100% of Malaysians aged 18 and above to subscribe to MyEmail service by 2015. Since it is only for interested Malaysians, the 100%-by-2015 target is indeed challenging.

Extracted from MyEmail website and Tricubes press release.

10 Things You Probably Already Know about 1Malaysia Email originally appeared on GreyReview on April 21, 2011.

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