10 Reasons to Clobber a Bloke

A critic is a person who points out your simplest blunders, in a profound way so that mistakes look like launching pads for a conspiracy theory of your faults.

Take your pick!  10 reasons listed here simply show common causes  that some people  critique, criticize, correct, or outright  clobber a bloke.

Name any mistake that comes to you, and a  critic will rush  in to point out another bloke’s error. It’s a bit like  hungry bear going after honey. Have you seen it?

Reasons  differ, yet critics  follow somewhat similar patterns:

  1. Facts appear wrong or missing and it seems vital to set folks straight.
  2. Brainy comparisons arise and critics refuse to be outwitted by plebs.
  3. Positions of power appear  available to person who spots most errors.
  4. Feedback forms come with the job and require certain % of negatives.
  5. Opposing views confuse  issues and so critics favor one correct way.
  6. Errors offer a platform for pontificating a finer approach – the critic’s.
  7. Personal reflection for growth takes skill –  criticism seems far easier.
  8. Bloom’s taxonomy may be wrong and correct  facts may be highest.
  9. Promotions are at stake and critics qualify more  than their victims.
  10. Critics seem smarter and it helps an image to prove others dumb.

Brain related research by Suzann Pileggi suggests that thriving relationships accentuate the positive and broken relationships tend to look more for flaws.

Do you focus more on errors than of  talent and innovation that takes  risks?

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