10 Reasons a Blog Makes You More Hireable

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If you can’t claim one of these excuses on why you shouldn’t blog professionally, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using a blog as a fantastic tool for marketing yourself to potential employers. Here are ten ways starting and managing a blog can make you more hireable, in case you need more reasons to get started.

1. It makes you look tech savvy.

Blogs are search engine fodder, and if a potential employer searches for your name, you want a smattering of blog posts you’ve written to appear. It shows you’re being proactive in managing your online profile.

2. You prove your writing skills.

Employers are no longer asking for a folder full of your newspaper clippings; they’re looking online. And if they can easily see in one place samples of your writing, they can assess whether you’ve got the communication skills they’re looking for.

3. They don’t know how to blog.

While this isn’t true of all companies, many are still desperately seeking talent that has experience in this realm, and if you prove your mettle, you just might get the job.

4. It proves you’re paying attention to your industry.

If you’re blogging about the field you work in (or want to work in), you’re staying on top of industry trends and sharing your insight on them. Employers like that.

5. A blog shows you’re a go-getter.

If you start a professional blog that’s not part of a college assignment or part of your responsibilities at a company, you’re showing that you want to take the effort to improve yourself professionally by taking on the task of blogging on your own.

6. A blog can cover up lack of professional experience.

If you’re just entering the workforce, your blog doesn’t have to reveal that. If you consistently post great content, it can make up for a lack of real-world experience in the professional world.

7. It can help you segway into another field.

If you suddenly decide to switch fields or roles midway through your career, a blog can help ease the blow. Rather than applying for a new role in a new field with zero experience, at the very least, you can direct hiring managers to your blog to demonstrate your eagerness to immerse yourself into something new.

8. It shows you’re diverse.

Even if the job you want doesn’t require blogging as a skill, showing off your blog can demonstrate that you’re not afraid to take on new tasks. From pitching journalists to analyzing social media data, you’re ready for a challenge.

9. Blogging helps you understand bloggers and journalists.

If you’re considering PR as a career, blogging can give you new appreciation for the media. You will understand better what motivates them, as well as how to approach them with a pitch (especially if you’re a blogger who gets pitched). You’ll also be more likely to be considered “one of the gang” by bloggers if you blog in addition to working in public relations.

10. You might find a new career without looking.

Many people start blogs as a hobby or as a way to show off their writing skills to potential employers, but instead find that they really want to turn blogging into a career in and of itself. If you love writing and begin expanding your readership, you might find a way to turn blogging into a full-time job, or at the very least, a side job that brings in a little extra cash.

The key to using a blog as a branding tool is to start it long before you start looking for a job. Maintain it by regularly contributing useful content to it and sharing it through your social channels. By the time you do begin the job hunt, your blog should be established enough to impress any hiring manager.

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