10 Questions Twitter Newbies Should Ask

Twitter is like sending a text message to the entire world. Twitter is what you make out of it. Twitter is the best thing since sliced bread.

I know you have heard it all and like most people, you are not convinced if Twitter is the tool you need in your life right now if you are happy with Facebook. The best way to approach the question “Is Twitter for me?” is to ask questions. Once you get the answers, relax and try to digest the information. After the digestion, you will either hop on to Twitter or…

Shari is doing a workshop for Twitter newbies and I decided that I can help her by pretending to be a Twitter newbie and asking all sort of questions, here is a list of 10 questions newbies should be asking Shari:

1 – Twitter is only for Celebrities and their fans, is that true?
2 – Why should I tell the world what I am eating?
3 – Only teenagers use Twitter, I am not a Teenager.
4 – Twitter is for bloggers to advertise, I am not a blogger.
5 – Who should I be following on Twitter?
6 – 140 Characters don’t make sense, I need more space to convey my message.
7 – I don’t like the idea of everyone being able to read my Tweets.
8 – What are some Twitter success stories?
9 – What book should I read to understand Twitter?
10 – Is Twitter here to stay?

As a Twitter newbie, what would you ask Shari?

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